Friday, April 28, 2017

root of all hope

          Like most people, perhaps, when I think of hope the most important relatives come to mind just because everyone non-related hasn't rallied that much intense emotional output. Hope, although, is a complicated emotion to express just because of how everyone's already described it. "A warm and good feeling in the stomach","A reassuring chill", and many more. To be super original, I'd call Hope a everlasting thought that outweighs a feeling but can't grow farther than that. Hope can only from the worst scenarios because that's when it's in need of most, right?

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


          Happiness seems like more complex than philosophers and everyday people think of it as "When you get a gift or when you see grandma after a long trip" I've always seen it as not a mandatory feeling but more of a feeling you sometimes have and sometimes don't. The happiness I feel is more of a convoluted one because of my own prior experiences but nonetheless I too feel it when I get a birthday gift or when I see my friends at school, albeit a less complicated form of it but still happy. I don't mean to make it to depressing but the subject of true happiness feels like it wouldn't be happy at all, to me life's true happiness comes from the obstacles you choose to overcome. That may just be the way I tend to see things due to my pretty brash nature. It's sort of a weird thing to see as happiness, "obstacles!?", you might say "I've already had enough of 'em!" Obstacles, seem more like a motivator.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Someone New


               Is thought-provoking just a synonym for controversial? Although it may not seem like it, controversial and thought-provoking aren't synonyms. Now, imagine in your mind you're stuck in a tar pit, not being hurt but still sinking, able to move but the tar still feels as though our up to your neck and not your knees. The tar is burning away at your ankles and feet but you can't feel it, feet are at the point of being nothing but stumps and yet you are still stuck and won't move. Crying, screaming, thrashing , I've seen many ways to deal with the tar but I've found mine works the best. Just continuing on. (unknown to the counselors wink wink) This feeling- no this state of being is more sickening than any fever. I've never had to explain this feeling before but doing it seems to lift a weight off my mind having to know this is going to be something that most people will relate to this feeling of ... dread? Sorry to have this be a more depressing blog post but I've never seen anyone talk about the subject of mental health in a serious manner and trying to bring the light to it that it deserves.I want a broken bone to equal a broken mind.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

I'll meet


I think conformity is a social concept commonly seen as the big corporations making the working class stay in grey clothes and white cushioned rooms because that's what is often seen as. As the hero or heroine of this society's media  is a conventionally attractive teenager... "well isn't that a conformity to physical appearance?" says Oscar.  No, no it couldn't be as they are amazing at...everything except dealing with a love life that is always a love triangle, lets step away from this tangent. Its not my job to lecture the reader with my idea of diversity not being a group of Mexicans portrayed as druglords named hector. What I've been trying uncover to you is that conformity is a very select standard to be set to because it should be what you see everyday. When do you see Jennifer Lawrence walking down the street? (I'm really stretching to say I think conformity is a negative social standard without saying its just dumb)

Monday, September 19, 2016

Just maybe

The truth
              My class was asked to pick something beautiful and off the top of my head I had chosen the truth. It's probably the first thing I had thought of because I wasn't paying attention truthfully (ha). I don't know for sure if I can describe how its beautiful to me. Well I've been lied to my whole life, not by one specific person or a group but just by everything, I was told I would be treated equally, I would be accepted no matter what, and everyone stays the same. Those are only three but any child that grew up in a up in an underprivileged neighborhood knows that feeling and those lies. I just got tired of it and wanted to know the truth because I cannot afford to be sheltered on any subject.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Who knows

                (The title's intentional by the way.) I recently watched a TED talk called "Stuart Firestein: The pursuit of ignorance" in fact the title's what sparked my interest in the first place. The talk it self starts off with Firestein telling us a ancient proverb which is "It's very difficult to find a black cat in a dark room... especially when there is no cat". He goes on to explain how that is an interesting representation of science. The idea of this talk intrigued me due to how ignorance can be freeing to some but can be a setback to others, teachers for example. I had agreed immensely with Firestein due to how he had put that most of his students had felt like they were going to think they had to know everything. The thing I found most fascinating is the fact that most people think of ignorance as something they would never want to experience or even be apart of but everyone experiences it daily. Daily ignorance is, to put into a more positive light is, wonder. How do you learn to be knowledgeable when you'll always be ignorant? Well one thing I had thought is that ignorance is the key to most things. It can seem, well, ignorant but you need ignorance to gain knowledge about anything!

TED talk: